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By integrating new technology and advanced materials into its fundamental design, Betta SE has increased its durability and reliability. The chip-controlled twin SCT Motors, which are now salt-chlorine tolerant, are exceptionally efficient and dependable. This cutting-edge technology ensures that the pool's surface is cleaned without any interruptions or complications.

The Betta skimmer offers two significant advantages over a traditional pool pump skimmer:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Unlike regular pool pumps that consume substantial amounts of energy when operational, the Betta skimmer utilizes solar power, making it highly cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.
  2. Effective Pool Surface Coverage: The Betta skimmer excels at efficiently covering the entire pool surface. In contrast, as the pool size increases, traditional pump skimmers become progressively less efficient in effectively skimming larger areas.

You may try lowering the water flow rate into the above ground skimmer and switching more pump power toward bottom suction and let Betta the mobile skimmer do pool surface cleaning. With reduced water flow into the above ground skimmer, Betta should be able to drive by the opening without getting stuck.

Alternatively, you may attach a floater or a foam noodle to the front of the skimmer. For more details (image and video instructions), please visit https://bettabot.com/pages/solution-1.

No, you don’t need to charge the unit before getting it started for the first time. The unit does NOT have a charging port since it charges by itself using a solar panel built on top.

Betta only needs a minimum 4 inches of water to operate.

It would be best to start using your new Betta during the daytime when there is sunlight over the pool. Turn the unit ON by pushing the red power button once and then lower it into the pool. Be sure to watch your steps and maintain your balance when working by the poolside. The robot will start to operate and at the same time, the top solar panel will start charging the battery built-in. During the sunny days, the robot will work well into the night and get into SLEEP mode after the battery charge gets low and will then wake up and continue to operate by itself after sunrise the next day when the battery is charged up to the set level again.

Yes, Betta is completely waterproof. It is perfectly safe to keep Betta in the pool while it's raining or the fountains are on. 

You should only remove Betta from the pool when the temperature drops below 0° Celsius (32° Fahrenheit). When the water freezes, it could damage the Betta.

Betta is designed to work in salty water up to 5000 P.P.M. However, the ideal salt level is around 3000 P.P.M for health purposes.

The debris basket filter mesh size is 0.2mm (200 microns). 

Betta has a 7.4V/4400mah (32wh) built-in lithium battery. After 3 years of use, Betta’s battery should have around 80% of its original capacity.

No, just leave it floating in the pool. No need to switch OFF either. If the flashing LEDs bother you when Betta keeps working into the night, you can switch the power OFF by pushing on the red power button and leaving Betta floating in the pool. Turn the power back ON the next day after sunrise when you want Betta to go back to work.

No, Betta is a smart unit and it manages the charging by itself. As long as there is an area in the pool that has good direct sunlight during the day, Betta will stop in the area and charge up when the remaining charge of the battery is below its set level. Leaving the unit in a dry spot under high heat will cause severe damage to the internal components and the battery. If the unit needs to be taken out of the pool when the pool is in use, keep it in a cool place or under shade and away from a walking path.

Most likely you would need to do nothing unless the robot gets tangled with the floating vacuum tube in its path or gets stuck in some tight corners. It will stop and turn itself into ERROR mode when running into obstacles it can’t free itself from or getting stuck. LED lights at the top backside of the robot will show the error modes and the robot will restart by itself in 20 minutes. In the event the robot gets tangled or stuck, you need to remove and relocate it or set it free from the obstacles in its path.

The residue is from chemicals and minerals in the pool water. It does not really have much impact on the operation of Betta or its solar charging capability. You can take care of it when it is time to empty the collection basket inside. Spray lightly with a water hose and wipe the panel clean with a soft cloth. Do NOT use a pressure washer and do NOT scrape the panel using any tools.

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