Smart Pool Skimmer Powered by Solar Energy

Crystal Clear Pool at All Times

Cordless Solar Powered Smart Pool Skimmer

Betta automatically cleans various floating objects on the water surface, such as leaves, dust, pollen, dead insects, etc.

What Makes Betta Unique

Solar Powered

Runs completely on solar power. The high capcity built-in lithium battery gets charged by the strong and highly efficient solar panel with durable ETFE surface.

Smart Auto Clean

Automatically cleans various floating debris on the water's surface; such as leaves, dust, pollen, dead insects, etc.

Remote Control

Wireless remote control function is convenient for you to easily switch between automatic and remote control use.

Ultrasonic Radar Sensors

Ultrasonic radar senses obstacles and automatically reroutes itself to clean the entire pool.

Why Betta is Special

UV Resistant Body

The special UV resistant coating and material prevent damages caused by ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.

Underwater Brushless Motor

The underwater brushless motor directly drives the propeller. With the more responsive and energy efficient power chain, it eliminates the need for traditional gear transmission.

Completely Cordless

Wave goodbye to long cables that get in the way.

Large Easy Clean Debris Basket

With a handle and fine mesh filter, there is no need to remove the robot from the water. Simply dock the robot, open the latch and grab the basket.

Why choose Betta





What Our Customers Say


This product is so amazing anyone with a pool should not hesitate to purchase. Someone like myself who hates to take out the extension rod and net to skim the pool before enjoying should get this product.


I was looking for a solar powered skimmer that would keep the pool surface clean without having to run the filter pump and the Betta unit looked perfect.

Lucia R

So far, this is WONDERFUL! It is virtually silent, gets around well, the remote is a nice touch, is effective in picking up both large and fine debris, it ran all night, it looks good, and best of all, it is super easy to clean!


I took a chance on a new product. I love that you can pick up the basket easily, unlike all other competitors. The fact that it looks gorgeous definitely doesn’t hurt.

Ken F

This Betta Automatic Pool Skimmer works as advertised. When I received the product, I let the sun charge it for 4 hours and then I put it into the water.

Daniel R Woldin

It works continuously all the time and it has sensors so it knows when it's running into an object of the wall and it turns and reroutes before hitting it, which prevents getting stuck. It's very easy to clean.


It has been running for 4 days continuously in my pool. Early on it eliminated insects, pollen, and miscellaneous plant material, and it is now dealing with the flower petals of a Korean dogwood.

MIKEY 650i

It's crazy quiet and has 2 variable speed motors with propellers That not only help propel it forward with the help of the front hidden paddle wheel, but also steers the skimmer quite efficiently.


I loved this guy. It worked terrifically. Avoied crashing into things and lasted almost all night. 5 stars for this.


The unit is easy to clean and will run all night off the battery when it can get a reasonable amount of sunlight during the daytime hours. The 24/7 operation keeps the pool surface always looking clean.


We saw it work its magic!!! Within 30 min it had skimmed the entire surface of the pool and gotten up every beetle, spider, and piece of pollen that coated the top of the pool.


Build quality looks good, time will tell on longevity of device. I have had it now 2 weeks and it's been great. Company's customer service is also really good.


This one is great. I use the remote to fetch it. With it still in the pool I can remove the basket screen and clean it. And it is quiet, doesn't get stuck, and skims better than one would expect.

G. Gremillion

This problem can be easily, and inexpensively, overcome by wedging a ball (slightly larger than the height of your skimmer) in the center of your skimmer. I used a our inflatable water ball pool toys. The Betta will avoid the ball or bounce off it. problem solved!

John R. Fisher

First of all this is a definite time saver especially in the fall. If it were not for this piece of equipment I would be hand skimming my pool every 2 hours or so. It also reduces the time cleaning my skimmer basket etc.

Russ Lowenthal

The basket is VERY fine mesh - like a coffee filter almost. It gets everything off the top - dust, pollen, you name it. My pool's never looked so good.